Zingy & Zesty Satsuma Big Gift
Zingy & Zesty Satsuma Big Gift

Zingy & Zesty Satsuma Big Gift


Bring out the pampering big guns this Christmas with our Zingy & Zesty Satsuma Big Gift.

Start by lathering up with our refreshing Shower Gel. Perfect for hands or bodies, our Soap will also leave you and your skin feeling squeaky-clean.

While you soap and cleanse, gently exfoliate that beautiful body with our Ramie Bath Lily. It’s made with durable, sustainable, eco-friendly fibres that help soften and scrub up skin with minimal environmental impact.

Hop out, towel dry and slather skin with a dollop of our creamy, vegan Body Butter. Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, including satsuma essential oil and handcrafted Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana, it leaves skin feeling softer, smoother and nourished with 96hr moisture.

Let your body moisturiser sink in before adding a few spritzes of our vegan Body Mist. Made with 96% ingredients of natural origin, it leaves you feeling instantly refreshed and smelling seriously zesty from head to toe.

Finish with our hydrating Hand Cream. Just squeeze, smooth on and rub those hands together whenever palms and pinkies need a little pick-me-up.

If they like to feel and smell refreshingly zesty, they’ll love the surprises hiding inside this Christmas gift.

This gift doesn’t just bring joy to the people you love. Discover how it also helps spread the love and share the joy with the most selfless people in our community.

  • Satsuma Shower Gel 250ml
  • Satsuma Body Butter 200ml
  • Satsuma Body Mist 100ml
  • Satsuma Hand Cream 30ml
  • Satsuma Soap 100g
  • Ramie Bath Lily
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